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Gene Check publications:

  • Wagner, R., Debbie, P. and Radman, M. 1995. Mutation detection using immobilized mismatch binding protein (MutS). Nucleic Acids Research 23: 3944-3948.
  • Debbie, P., Young, K., Pooler, L., Lamp, C., Marietta, P. and Wagner, R. 1997. Allele identification using immobilized mismatch binding protein: detection and identification of antibiotic resistant bacteria and determination of sheep susceptibility to scrapie. Nucleic Acids Research 25: 4825-4829/
  • Wagner, R. and Dean, A. 1999. The use of immobilized mismatch binding protein for the optimization of PCR fidelity. In: PCR Methods Manual (Innis, M., Gelfand, D. and Sninsky, J., eds.) 95-104.
  • Wagner, R. and Dean, A. 2000. The use of immobilized mismatch binding protein in mutation/SNP detection. In: DNA Repair Protocols (eg: Vaughan) 159-168.
  • Herrmann, D., Rose, E., Müller, U. and Wagner, R. 2010. Microarray-based STR genotyping using RecA-mediated ligation. Nucleic Acids Research 38: 1-11.

Publications by researchers using Gene Check technologies:

  • Bellanne-Chantelot, C., Beautils, S., Hourdel, V., Lesage, S., Morel, V., Dessinais, N., LeGall, I., Cohen, D. and Dausset, J. 1997. Search for DNA sequence variations using a MutS-based technology. Mutation Research Genomics 382: 35-43.
  • Jolly, C.J., Klix, N. and Neuberger, M.S. 1997. Rapid methods for the analysis of immunoglobulin gene hypermutation: application to transgenic and gene targeted mice. Nucleic Acids Research 25: 1913-1919.

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