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Magnetic Beads (M2B2)

For mutation/polymorphism detection, including screening of human, animal or plant genomic DNA, and any other application requiring binding of mismatch-containing DNA, Magnetic Mismatch Binding Beads (M2B2) provide a simple, versatile and inexpensive alternative to more traditional methods. M2B2 can detect all single base change mutations and small additions or deletions (frameshifts) and can be used with amplified DNA fragments (lengths of 100 to 300 base pairs are preferable). Mutation or mismatch detection using M2B2 does not require the use of expensive instrumentation, radioactivity or gel electrophoresis and can give quantitative results in only a few hours.

Size Catalog # Price
50 assay M2B2-001 $395
100 assay M2B2-002 $595

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