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anti-MutS (E. coli)

Gene Check's anti-MutS antibody is a polyclonal rabbit antibody raised against full length E. coli MutS. It has been purified by Protein Affinity chromatography and is free of detectable nuclease and protease activities. Gene Check's anti-MutS is stable at -20°C for at least one year.

Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing/thawing. Storage buffer contains 50% glycerol. Recommended dilution buffer: PBS + 3% BSA (gamma globulin-free BSA)

For research only, not for resale.

LIMITED LICENSE: The purchase of this product includes limited and non-transferable rights for in vitro and research use. No right to use this product for in vivo applications or to provide commercial services of any kind is given, expressed or implied.

   anti-MutS Price List:

Quantity Catalog # Price
50µg GC-M001 $275
250µg GC-M002 $1100
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