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About Gene Check, Inc.

Gene Check, Inc. is a growing biotechnology company located in Greeley, Colorado. In addition to a dynamic program of research and development, Gene Check produces and markets reagents and kits for research and offers veterinary genotyping tests for sheep, goats, cattle, pigs and elk.

Gene Check was founded in 1993 by Drs. Robert Wagner and Miroslav Radman. Drs. Wagner and Radman have been colleagues and collaborators since they began working together in Matthew Meselson's laboratory at Harvard University in 1972 and have been pioneers in the study of mismatch repair and other DNA repair processes. In 1994 Gene Check began operations in Fort Collins with a primary emphasis on mutation detection methods utilizing mismatch binding proteins, in particular, immobilized mismatch binding protein. Gene Check scientists have developed several commercial applications of these methods. Currently, reagents are being marketed to the research community and veterinary genotyping tests are being provided to sheep breeders and researchers.

Gene Check's products are sold world wide. Research products include highly purified and stable MutS (a mismatch binding protein), Immobilized Mismatch Binding Protein (IMBP) Plates, and Magnetic Mismatch Binding Beads (M2B2).

Samples for veterinary testing arrive from Canada, the UK, Ireland and the US. Gene Check has tested over 40,000 sheep since 1997.

Gene Check is a privately held corporation and operates a fully equipped, 5500 sq ft laboratory in Greeley. Gene Check has been awarded six Phase I SBIR grants and a $1.7 million ATP grant.

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